The Mobile Apothecary supports underserved communities in East London with good-quality, homegrown and communally-made herbal remedies.


Anti-Microbial Vinegar

A hot and spicy immune tonic infused with kitchen herbs and spices to warm you up and ward off infection. These ingredients all contain aromatic oils that are antimicrobial and regular use can protect your system and improve digestion, circulation and metabolism for better health.

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Decongestant Chest Rub

A rub for the chest, back and sinuses to clear congestion and mucus, reduce coughs and help with breathing.

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Hands Sanitiser

This sanitiser is a simple, effective, and gentle botanical formula featuring Calendula Tincture, accompanied by a subtle blend of Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oils.

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Muscle & Joint Balm

A warming balm featuring a botanical blend of Comfrey, Chilli and Daisy. This product encourages good blood circulation and aids the relief of pain and inflammation of sore joints and muscles.

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Good Skin Balm

Good Skin balm is a plant-based body and face balm for repairing and nurturing sensitive skin. It is used for chapped lips, dry, flaky or rough skin, stretch marks, blemishes, blisters, minor scars and sun burn.

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Epsom Salt Deodorant

This salt based deodorant offers effective protection from body-odour, keeping you feeling fresh and odour free all day. This product is vegan, suitable for adults and children.

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Bloom - featuring Mobile Apothecary
Author: Maya Thomas

Can free plant medicine transform our healthcare system?

Herbologist Maya Thomas heads into the community with Mobile Apothecary, a roaming project sharing herbs with those in need.

Association of Master Herbalists

The Association of Master Herbalists was founded in 1995. The Association has from the beginning had a strong affinity to the North American eclectic school, notably Dr John R Christopher who was the founder of the School of Natural Healing in 1953. The school continues to this day to run it’s traditional Master Herbalist training based on the work of Dr Christopher.

Common Wealth Holistic Herbalism

A useful set of online courses for learning herbalism, including a free course.

Roots and All

We highly recommend this series of podcasts! Featuring the world’s most expert guests and covers all topics of gardening, from flowers to trees to soil science to design.

Hackney Herbal

A social enterprise specialising in creative events which explore the beneficial uses of herbs. Hackney Herbal run a variety of herb-related activities in Hackney promoting mental health and wellbeing within the local community.

How to set-up a mobile mutual aid herbal apothecary
Author: Shumaisa Khan

Herbalists, growers, community organizations and plant-loving people of all kinds are increasingly joining together to develop mobile apothecary projects to bring free herbal medicine — a holistic approach which has been a part of every culture in the world for as long as humans have been around — to people for whom this type of healthcare (or any healthcare) remains inaccessible.